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Our Services

We are dedicated to providing customized and compassionate support to seniors and their families. 

Our Services | Grewave Senior Care Consulting

Comprehensive Consultation

We conduct comprehensive consultations by phone, video link or at your home. After we have assessed your needs, we will customize a practical plan that is effective, affordable, and practical for you.  

Ongoing Peace of Mind 

We offer ongoing support to our clients. You can choose from a variety of options to access our resources on a continuous basis.

Under our Retainer Plan, clients know they will have ongoing access to our help at a fixed cost. Clients can also choose our Case Management Plan, which provides access to ongoing care at an hourly rate.

Either way, families and individuals know they will have peace of mind with Greywave’s support. 

Other Services

Marie-Claire Chartrand is a designated capacity assessor under the Nova Scotia Adult Capacity and Decision-making Act. She is trained and certified to complete capacity assessments and Form 1 Capacity Assessment Reports for individuals who are seeking to become a loved ones Legal Representative. 

Marie-Claire also completes capacity assessments and Opinion Letters regarding an individual's capacity to complete a Power of Attorney under the Powers of Attorney Act.

Our Other Services | Grewave Senior Care Consulting
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