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Capacity Assessment 

Expert capacity assessments and support for legal representation and decision-making complexities.

Do you need to apply to become someone’s Legal Representative under the Adult Capacity and Decision-Making Act?

We complete a capacity assessment and provide a Capacity Assessment Form 1 Report for your court application. Without a detailed Form 1 Report, your application for representation may be rejected by the court. 

For those who are unsure if their client or loved one has the capacity to draft a Power of Attorney, we complete a capacity assessment following the criteria of the Powers of Attorney Act.


We provide an expert opinion letter regarding whether the person does or does not have capacity to create and execute a Power of Attorney.  

Marie-Claire providing senior care advice to a family

Meet Our Expert: Marie-Claire

Your Guide Through Capacity Assessment Needs

Marie-Claire Chartrand is a licensed social worker and a Designated Capacity Assessor under the Adult Capacity and Decision-Making Act since 2019.

If you are unsure about what kind of capacity assessment you require, please contact us to discuss. 

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