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Our Consulting Services

Explore how we meticulously support your loved ones through every stage of aging, offering Preventive Planning, Care Management, and Crisis Management services tailored to meet their unique needs.

Preventive Planning

Choose the best living for aging in place

It is a natural desire of most people to want to live independently for as long as possible. Unfortunately, old age or unforeseen illness can make independent living very challenging. Maybe it is you or a family member in need of this help?

It's important to plan carefully if you wish to live at home as long as possible. Make the most of a challenging situation with intentional planning and preventative measures. We are here to help you understand the benefits and costs of all available programs and services.

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Preventive Planning

Living Suited For You

Perhaps you are living in more space than you need and are considering downsizing to a more manageable place.


We can guide you through the essential questions about aging well and safely in your home. Our consultations equip you with information on various services available to live in your own home as well as supportive living options should you want to move out of your home.

We also prepare you for what to do and where to find help if your situation changes or suddenly becomes unmanageable.

Care Management Planning

Care Management Planning

Need help and don’t know where to start or who to call?

Care management planning is for older adults who find themselves in a position where they can no longer look after all of their own care needs.

Caregiving may have fallen to a family member, or the person in need of care may need to make their own arrangements. This is common with a new diagnosis of dementia, or after a debilitating fall, when an injured senior struggles to manage all of their daily activities. Housekeeping, meal preparation, driving, medication management, and personal care can pose real challenges.

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Do You Have Enough Help?

Older adults who are struggling to care for their daily needs often receive part-time or full-time support from a loved one. However, as care needs increase and the workload grows, loved ones who act as caregivers can grow tired, and can even suffer from burn-out.


These situations can develop for a spouse/caregiver who becomes overwhelmed or for a caregiver supporting a senior who lives alone.


We provide a full assessment of your situation to ensure that you can make the right choices about the help that is really needed.

Crisis Management

Crisis Management

How to deal with unexpected changes?

Are you experiencing a crisis due to hospitalization, a debilitating fall, or dementia-related challenges? Our Crisis Management support is tailored for older adults and their loved ones facing those situations and the uncertainty that comes with them. 

We assess your loved one's care needs, and provide you with options for care for home or moving into a care facility. We will help you navigate Continuing Care options and private options so that you and your family can make informed decisions and determine the best way forward.

We offer ongoing support and coaching so you can face sudden changes with peace of mind and knowledge that our support will be available to you whenever you need it. 

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Dealing With Dementia 

Dementia can pose some unique challenges. First, simply determining whether a person has dementia can be difficult, especially with older ones who may resist a medical assessment.


If diagnosed with dementia, some people living with dementia may still resist getting the help they need. Adult children worried about parents in this state are unfortunately becoming more and more common as dementia is ever more prevalent.

Fortunately, we can provide an independent needs assessment and make recommendations on what services are available, and how and when to access programs and services.

For example, navigating long term waitlists for nursing homes is one area of struggle, not only in terms of understanding the private vs public options, but also in determining when is the appropriate time for someone living with dementia to take that next step.

Our Proces

Our Consultative Process 

  • Are your services covered under private insurance?
    If your private insurance policy (i.e. Blue Cross, Canada Life, Manulife, Sun Life, GreenShield etc.) covers social workers, then some of our services are covered. Please contact us to discuss: Phone: (902) 448 8439 Email:
  • Why do I need Greywave?
    At a time of crisis and overwhelming change in your life, Greywave helps you identify what you need, what’s available, and how to access it. We save you time and reduce your stress because we know what services and programs are available.
  • What other clients do you help?
    Anyone at a time of change in their lives who needs additional assistance can benefit from our assessment of their situation and advice for dealing with it. We develop comprehensive plans for seniors with mobility issues or declining cognitive abilities, who have recently been discharged from the hospital, widowed, or lost a primary caregiver, or who wish to spend their final days at home. We also serve people experiencing challenges caring for a loved one.
  • What are the benefits of using Greywave’s services?
    With our professional experience working with hundreds of clients, we can thoroughly assess your needs in a short time, help you navigate a complex system, and identify the services you require. We will help you put a plan in place that allows you to access the best services available in your community. Quickly identifying and accessing appropriate services will help provide peace of mind for seniors and their families.
  • Tell me how your service works?
    It starts with a phone call or an email to Greywave to set up a free discovery call with no obligation on your part. During the discovery call we will get to know your situation and learn how we can best help you. We would then set up a consultation at your convenience over the phone, on Zoom, or in your home. The consultation includes a comprehensive assessment of you or your loved one’s needs. We will review the service options and programs and help connect you to those resources. We offer ongoing support and follow up Peace of Mind packages where you can access your consultant with questions or for support as things change.
  • What happens if our needs change?
    You can contact Greywave at any time to discuss your needs. We offer retainer packages that provide you support whenever you need it. Whether it’s a quick question or a complex situation, we are here to provide support and guidance promptly and efficiently. We can often meet your needs over the phone or we can visit your home again to reassess your situation and develop a new comprehensive care plan.
  • Can my family doctor complete the ACDMA capacity assessment and Form 1 Report ?
    Yes they can. However, families have told us that many physicians refuse to complete them as they are very time consuming to complete, the physician's time is not covered by MSI and or the physician does not want to be involved in legal proceedings. Marie-Claire Chartrand is a trained and designated capacity assessor under the ACMDA and understands the legal requirements and expectations of the courts when writing the report.
  • Can you advocate for us with Continuing Care?
    We do not contact Continuing Care on your behalf due to confidentiality and protection of personal and health information. Our consultants have worked in Continuing Care and are very knowledgeable about their programs and services. We can help you understand their services, how to access them and how to advocate for them. We provide you with the information you need to advocate for yourself or your loved one.
  • What’s the best Home Care Company in Halifax?
    During our consultation, we will review all options for home care, including Continuing Care home care, private home care companies, private home care workers, live in caregivers and even the Newfoundland Ladies. We will review costs, things to consider when choosing a home care worker, and how to make best use of them.
  • What kind of capacity assessments do you provide?
    We provide capacity assessments for people who are applying to become someone’s Legal Representative under the Adult Capacity and Decision Making Act. Following the assessments we complete the ACDMA Form 1 Report which you need for your court application. We also provide capacity assessments and an opinion letter regarding whether someone is capable of writing and executing a power of attorney or changing their power of attorney. Some people want their capacity reassessed as they believe they have regained capacity to make their own decisions. We provide assessments and opinion letters to enact a power of attorney at a financial institution or to access Continuing Care programs. If you are unsure if you need a capacity assessment or what type of capacity assessment, please contact us to discuss.
  • What’s the best Nursing Home or Assisted Living in Nova Scotia?
    Our consultants have all the information you need to review the best options available for your loved one. We provide information on the Department of Health Continuing Care facilities and the private options. We can provide the cost of each option, the pros and cons of each, how waitlists work and make unbiased recommendations as we do not accept referral fees.

Step 1

Contact us for a brief free discovery call to learn more about your particular situation and to schedule a consultation (zoom, phone or in person at your home).

Step 2

A comprehensive assessment in consultation with you and anyone you wish to include in the consultation. We identify areas needing assistance or of concern to you.

Step 3

Presentation of options and recommendations:

  • Options presented for services and programs to remain at home including contacts for service providers, cost, and recommendations.

  • Options presented for moving to a supportive living environment including nursing homes and retirement/assisted living including cost, contacts and recommendations.

  • Review of both public and private options including wait lists, costs, eligibility, and application process.

  • Presentation of available options tailored to your needs and preferences.

Step 4

Determination of follow-up visits or retainers for continued support and coaching. 

Ready to Get Started?

Take the first step towards a secure, informed future by contacting us to schedule your free discovery call.


Embark on a journey towards clarity and confidence in your senior living decisions today.

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