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Dementia Teaching & Coaching

Unlock tailored strategies and compassionate guidance for navigating dementia care challenges.

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Help for a Difficult Disease

Dealing with dementia is a difficult experience for everyone including the person living with dementia. The key to providing the best care and reducing caregiver burden is to understand the disease and its effects on the person living with dementia. Also, it is essential to have effective and personalized strategies for care and support.  

At Greywave, our supportive team offers personalized and customized one-on-one dementia education, support and coaching. This can be done in the comfort of your home or virtually through Zoom, whichever is better suited to you. 

A Custom Plan for Specific Dementia

Our dementia education is specific to your loved one’s type and stage of dementia, behaviors and challenges and living situation. For those who don’t have time to attend dementia support groups, classes or to research the information, our help is available to help you understand the disease and to provide the best care for your loved one.  

Our dementia care expert will help you understand the effects on personality and behavior.  This will train you on what to expect, how to respond and provide care for your loved one in various stages of dementia.  We offer ongoing support and coaching as your loved one progresses through the disease, providing you with the understanding and tools you need to reduce your stress and ease the caregiving burden. 

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Our Consultative Process 

Step 1

Contact us for a brief free discovery call to learn more about your particular situation and needs, and to schedule a consultation (zoom, phone or in person at your home).

Step 2

A comprehensive assessment in consultation with you and anyone you wish to include in the consultation. We review the dementia diagnosis (if available), phase of dementia, behaviors, medications, and caregiving issues. 

Step 3

A determination of educational and support needs.  We provide education related to areas recommended and prioritized by you. Beginning of education process. Educational resources provided.  

Step 4

A determination of follow-up visits or retainers for continued education, support and coaching. 

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